Our foundry stands as a testament to Boschpick Engineering’s commitment to excellence and precision manufacturing. Situated in the heart of Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal, this cutting-edge facility serves as the backbone of our operations, enabling us to deliver high end products to our clients.

Equipped with the latest in advanced technology and machinery, our foundry ensures that we stay at the forefront of the industry. This leading infrastructure allows us to produce a diverse range of premium castings, including alloy steel, ductile iron, stainless steel, and cast iron.

At Boschpick Engineering, we believe that the foundation of our success lies in the skill and expertise of our craftsmen. Our team of seasoned artisans is backed by years of experience in metallurgy and foundry processes. Their unwavering dedication and meticulous attention to detail guarantee that each casting is crafted with precision and excellence.

In our foundry, precision and quality control are paramount. We employ a rigorous testing and inspection process at every stage of production, ensuring that the final products meet and exceed the highest industry standards. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and we take immense pride in delivering excellent final products.

Pattern & Fettling Shop

A fully equipped pattern shop and fettling shop is part of the facility

continues Mixer

Moulding 20 ton continues mixer with auto calibration unit

reducer Unit

Shake out & coller classifier with a hump reducer unit


  • Facility Covers 660㎡ │ Head Room of 12m
  • Serviced by 3 Overhead Cranes; 6, 4 & 3 ton
  • Moulding 20 ton continues mixer with auto calibration unit

Our foundry has two 1000kg Induction Furnaces with a complete moulding facility and sand reclamation plant. A Spectro Lab ensures absolute quality of material types and castings include low alloys, SG irons, cast iron, stainless steel and tool steels.

Reclaimed sand is cooled and stored in our silo. Our dust collection plant ensures all work is performed in a virtually dust free environment and the correct sand temperature is achieved within a fraction of the time. Our efficiency has skyrocketed with the assistance of technologically advanced machinery.


The full capacity of our facilities per month is 52 tons.

We produce castings ranging from 25kg to 1000kg.


Low Alloys
SG Irons
Cast Iron
Stainless Steel
Magma Simulation
Access to Mintek & CSIR


Pattern Shop
Shot Blasting
Spectro Max

Heat treatment and mechanicals are outsourced.

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